Meet Rosie

The official lifestyle planner designed for today’s military spouse.

Named after our national cultural icon Rosie the Riveter, whose famous words “We can do it” inspired a generation, the Rosie planner can help you do it too! Like Rosie, you are strong and confident. Let Rosie help your military family stay organized through parts of military life that require strength like PCS's, deployments and more.

We believe the key to a successful military family is being prepared for whatever comes your way, and this military spouse lifestyle planner will help you do just that.

The Rosie planner was designed for and by military spouses in the USA and is available in three different cover designs. This 12-month undated planner is the perfect organization tool to keep up with the daily rigors of military life. From PCS moves to deployments we've got you covered.

What's Inside:

  • 12 months of undated calendar pages

  • 52 weekly pages

  • PCS & Deployment Checklists

  • Military Holidays 

  • 100 gsm WENSHI brand wood-free paper

  • Important FYI's and much more...



A portion of our net sales go to a selected military charity quarterly.




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You’re pretty darn fabulous, milspo...

And get this, you’re cordially invited to step inside our Rosie abode.

You know that feeling you get when you survive a deployment week without an ugly cry? Resilient, accomplished and sort of badass - YES! Now take that feeling and bottle it up. That’s what we have in store for you.

Rosie & Co. is a concept store offering a curated selection of milspired gifts, wearables, and stationary items. It's a space to feel inspired, refreshed, and empowered. It’s an attitude, a belief, a lifestyle—a movement.

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We’re on a mission to get your military family organized and living a meaningful and less stressful life. The Rosie Planner is a daily planner created to help military families find balance, focus, purpose and productivity during our most stressful times such as PCS moves, deployments, starting a business, having a baby and so much more.